Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I made a post recently that hurt someone incredibly special
in my life.  It was never my intention to
do so.  I’m sorry.

I do not set out to make a post to purposely hurt someone or
gain sympathy from my followers and readers. 
I may be a bitch but I would never maliciously offend someone like that.

I made assumptions without checking out the facts!  For that I am truly sorry.  I made ASS
out of U and ME.  I have upset you and for
that I apologise.

My blog is not a fact journal – it consists of my opinions,
my feelings, sharing my life with you all. 
I don’t research ALL the facts that I post, sometimes I will get the facts wrong, sometimes
I will make mistakes.   That’s what blogging is all about.  I certainly don’t claim to be an expert in ANY

I was considering taking a break from blogging seeing as I fucked up and got it wrong.  But this is something that makes me happy, its my hobby, its my release platform, its my dialog to the world, its my soap box.  I can't give that up...

But I can say SORRY.

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because this doesn't need feedback from anyone else except the person I have hurt and offended very badly.


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