Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CANSA Shavathon was a Success!

Myself and two friends went to the Lambton Shopping Centre in Germiston to volunteer for the 2010 CANSA Shavathon and we met lots of awesome people! 

We had one lady with long hair who shaved everything off and donated her pony tail to CANSA for making wigs for cancer survivors.  It was awesome and a lot of us were in tears when she shared her story of why she was doing it. 

All in all a successful but tiring day on my feet...lots of heads were shaved and sprayed for the CANSA organisation.  I hope they raised LOADS of funds.

Tonight is our Whimsical Wonderland 30th birthday party which we've been looking forward to for ages.  Will post pics of that one tomorrow.  All I want to do now is soak my feet, get into a bath and relax before the party tonight.

Lots of dancing, lots of new people to met and possibly lots of shots!

Sharon, Ronellda and Gillian

Some of the spray jobs


This brave lady chopped all her hair off and donated her pontail

During the snip



Getting a closer shave

We even did a Puppy!  
Wee Zuko go his own custom stensil

After a bit of convincing, I sprayed a few beards too


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