Sunday, March 14, 2010

Monday Male

Dirk is not a blogger yet but is a member of our HKGK Camping Group and I have been friends with him for 10 years.  He is a local boi, born in Johannesburg, South Africa studied Graphic Design and is currently a Design Manager for a Travel and Cargo publication. 

Not only does Dirk have a quick, silly wit and a brilliantly wicked sense of humour, but he is an incredibly creative soul.  Dirk said his ideal job would be as an artist on a fantastic beach with a pub nearby (probably with half nekked pretty girls running around - No, make that nekkid girls running around). 

Dirk has a hobby in photography and has taken some incredible shots of us as a group and has recently spent a small fortune on his camera and all its accessories.  

Its his "baby".

What inspires you to get the perfect shot?

The lighting and exposure must be perfect. I want the reaction to the photograph to be ‘WOW!’.

Dirk On Life

Are you proudly South African? If not, where else would you be in the world?

Yes. Still won’t stop me from going to South America and the far East.

What do you do when you close the Mac? Or does it never really close?

Start up my PC to play games or do some freelance work.  I also go out and socialise with friends and family.

If you or someone had to write a story of your life, what would you call it? And would you play the leading role?

Round and round we go!  And I would definitely not play the lead role. Gerard Butler can do that.

What would the theme song to your life be?

Making love out of nothing at all – Air supply.

Dirk On Family

You come from Dutch heritage. Tell us about that.

Born and bred in SA by emigrated Dutch parents. Dutch was our 1st language at home.

You have two grown up sons. What advice would you give to a young dad with two boys who has a long road ahead?

Enjoy them and encourage them. BE HONEST BUT STRICT.

Dirk On Love

Whats the biggest challenge being a proverbial bachelor? (note for Dirk : apart from getting laid)

Not falling into them same trap as previously.  Bachelor life is great but lonely at times. Thank goodness for mates and GIRL Friends.

Would you get married again if Ms Right came along?

Hell no! One mistake was bad enough. (LIAR) who knows what wonderful woman is waiting around the corner.

What are your five non-negotiables in a woman?

  • Sense of humour (need one to be with me)
  • Honesty
  • Communication
  • Adventure
  • and boobs (no dick)

Dirk On arb shite

Boobs or Bums?

Both. And pretty eyes.

Whats playing in your car right now?

Nothing. Radio is kaput.

What would you be doing on a typical Sunday night?

Driving home after an awesome weekend with friends. Maybe a movie while lying on the couch like a typical male (in true Al Bundy style) after a long hard weekend.

So there ye have it.  Thats our Dirkus!  Any single girls can contact me for his direct mobile number.  (As long as you have boobs and no dangly bits). 


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