Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Rays of Sunshine

*whoop whoop*

Another Blog Award from ma gurl, Green Eyed Momster.  You're such a honey-pie and cheered me up no end by awarding me this little ray of sunshine.  Orange is also my favourite colour, but you already knew that.  Wuv you Wong Time!!!

My daily dose of Sunshine beams :  Last night I was in the bath with Megan (my eldest).  This is where we have quality time chatting about the day and sharing a giggle or two.  She was making armpit farts and I was making Donald Duck farts - we were in fits of laughter.  Sometimes you just have had to be there with us.  It was hysterical, two nekkied girls in the bath making rude noises and giggling until we couldn't breathe!

Now did I create a vivid enough picture for you?

I'm going to make up my own rules on this one. I'm going to award this to five bloggers who create beams of sunshine into my life on a regular basis.

Your are:

Sleep Talkin' Man - I can relate to Adam and his dreams are obviously hysterical.

Bridget from Because I Can

Mr Know It All

Blaze from My Game...it's your move

Tarzan and Jane over at His Boys Can Swim

and you too but I'd be here forever listing everyone that brings sunshine in my life.

Thanx ya'll for keeping me going and keeping me with a smile on my face.


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