Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We have an Alberton Football Club Member amongst our household!

My oldest tom-boy girl-child, Megan asked me recently if she could do soccer again.  She has been out of the soccer scene for a year and showed interest in joining a local football club becase one of her oldest friends is a member of the club.  We paid them a visit last week and last night was her first practise.

She is now an official member practising every Tuesday and Thursday.  Teams will be selected next month before league games begin.

Football boots, socks and shin pads are essential for every practise so Megan and her dad went shopping at the weekend and my little Megan got her Football gear.

By the way, the Alberton FC is looking for help with Under 7s. Come on dads!!!   They need a dad to volunteer to help coach during Tuesday and Thursday training sessions as this group is getting bigger and bigger.  Let me know if you know of anyone who'd be interested.  They don't need experience - they will give tips and training to the Dad involved.

Initial welcome and coaching

Warm up jog around the pitch
Arm warm up
Game on
and Megan scores a goal! 

Player Megan

My wee Megan


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