Saturday, February 6, 2010

Walk The Table

A bunch of friends got together today to move a big picnic table.

It was too big to put in a trailer and too small to hire a van.  We only had to move the table one block from one friends house to another (about 400 meters down the street). 

So, Mandy organised all the men in our circle of friends to meet at 8am this morning and help carry it down the street.  We dismantled the top and carried the bottom piece first and then a second trip did the top piece.

When we were all done, Mandy made us a lovely brunch which made it all worth while.

Thanx for everyone's help with Walking the Table!

The big picnic table being dismantled

Norman giving us a table dance and showing his leg

Our Young men sitting around waiting....
 performing See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil

And they're off!
The table gets taken out the back yard.

....Out the front yard

...And down the street

Me and my little girl

And then it was time for that big hearty breakfast

Me doing Richard's  puzzle


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