Sunday, February 14, 2010

Burger Braai and Jacuzzi Party

Yesterday friends popped around with a bottle of wine to say hi.  It turned into an imprompto burger braai (aka barbeque) and jacuzzi party.  We all landed up drinking far too much wine and adding about a litre of bubble bath to our jacuzzi. 

The result was a wild party full of giggles, singing and diving into the jacuzzi bubbles!  Yes, I was diving into the jacuzzi...nutcase...

Mel and Mandy at the bar

KK rockin' on

Shaun - the quiet before the storm...

Megan rockin' on

The bubbles begins...

Then the splashing took place

The celebratory annointments


Disappearing men amongst the foam

The wine bottle was finished?

The girls got to splash too

The aftermath out the back door!!!

Wild and wicked it was...

Here's the Valentines Day Prezzies
The card the girls made

Hope you all had a fun Valentines Weekend too.


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