Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Male

Meet Brian Miller who is a fellow blogger that I visit often.  His poetry inspires me.  Brian is very happily married and is dad of two gorgeous and adventurous boys.

My life is a storybook, and most likely yours is as well. Its all in how we tell it. I like mine as an Action / Adventure / Romance?  I have lived, loved, lost and when I was not expecting it, love found me.

At the time, she was a ballerina and I was getting out of the hospital from trying to run myself into the ground with bad lifestyle choices. She walked through the door and I turned to the friend next to me and told him I was going to marry her one day. We kissed in the snow and exchanged numbers written in orange colored pencil because that is all we could find.

Somehow, this led me to dancing in the Nutcracker, though I will never admit to wearing tights. Really I did not, it was billowy Arabian guard pants with just a little vest off the shoulders. Sorry no pictures survived. Dancing together did wonders for our early relationship though?

heat &
tease at the
edge of me, as she
lays against my chest,
sliding along my arms, until
only our fingertips touch, carrying
the spark, then spinning away, takes
my breathe with her, prancing, begging chase,
i am helplessly but to pursue my
swan princess, dancing
en pointe upon my
heart leaving
rhythm &

Passion is something that seems to wane in so many marriages. Its not all physical, but you can't really lose that either. On a regular basis, I try to find new ways to show my wife how much she means to me, whether it's a note, or writing about her or even doing the dishes (gasp). It is all about the pursuing. She is the best thing that ever happened to me and should be treated that way.

Currently I am a therapist with kids that are at risk of being removed from their home. Every day is a new challenge so it keeps it interesting. I worked in the corporate world for many years in management and training and also worked for the church. All of my jobs, in some way, have revolved around helping people.

It's my superhero complex.  But really, no tights.

I started Waystationone about 17 months ago. The first 6 to 7 months I was just vomiting facts about my life which I'll admit was rather boring. I decided to start telling stories from my life to one day share with my boys in hopes that they can glean some wisdom.  About 90 to 95% of my blog posts are true stories of my family and people I have met.

Everyone has to find their own style and voice though.

Along the way, a few friends have joined my journey, which I am eternally thankful.  It is amazing to me the friendships that can develop between people that have never met beyond the blogosphere.  Like any relationship though, these don't just happen.  You have to work at it.

Many of my best blog friends were met through Theme Thursday or Flash 55.

On nice days, you will usually find me in the woods or off on some adventure with T and the boys, my notebook in my back pocket to collect the stories.  I also enjoy reading and I am working on my first book right now.  If there is anything I hope you get out of a visit to the waystation, it is that we really are much the same.  Our stories may be different, but we have faced many of the same challenges and as we walk together, maybe we can help each other avoid the potholes.

Hope to see you soon.

Thanks Gillian for the honor of being your Monday Male!

If you love poetry, visit his blog and leave a comment or two.


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