Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Speaking of Elvis Presley....

My Uncle Robert Ghee shaking hands with The King

Elvis was only ever in Scotland in 1960.

My Uncle Ian and Uncle Robert got to meet The King in person for the only hour that he was ever in Scotland (or on British soil for that matter).

My Uncle Ian worked at Prestwick airport at the time and got wind that a VIP was going to be visiting on the 3rd of March 1960.

It was Elvis Presley!

Elvis’ plane was stopping over to refuel on his way back to the US after being in the Germany Army for two years.

My Uncle Ian, being a photographer, grabbed the opportunity and phoned my mum (who was and still is a HUGE Elvis fan) to be the one to pose as the person who was to carry his photographic accessories to get through security.

My mum said she had a date with my dad and turned him down!!!
Can you frikken believe it?
Uncle Robert with Elvis
Love is truly blind.
I’ll bet she’ll regret that for the rest of her life.
My Uncle Robert went instead.
However, my Mum has some awesome portrait shots of The King shaking my Uncle Robert's hand and some of just Elvis looking dashingly handsome.
Uncle Robert still has the piece of paper that Elvis autographed for him.
They’re probably worth a small fortune to Elvis memoriabilia collectors and the photos worth even more to my mum. It will be forever  "The day she missed out on meeting Elvis" without his protective manager and all the paparazzi and fans swarming him.
Some press were there too that day, but my Uncle Ian was the only photographer to make it to the airport in time to snap The King.
How's that for awesome??
True story...
Elvis Presley.  All the photos are scans of the originals.


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