Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cherio 2009!

So Long, Farewell..

2009 was a good year all-in-all.

Well, it certainly has been eventfull!!

Yes, we had a major recession which took a toll on our strict budget, I didn't get an increase at work or a bonus because our company has been trying to keep their head above the water.  Nevertheless, its been jam-packed full of drama and fun.  Here's just some of the stuff:

I became an aunty of a beautiful niece

My Best Friend and I got our matching Friendship Tattoos.

I realised that life is too short for materialism, arguments, drama, nonsense things.

I started tracing my family ancestry and did a family tree going back to the late 1600's.

I voted in the 2009 General Elections and stood in the queue for an hour to make a cross on a piece of paper which made no fucking difference.

I had a seriously hair raising experience in our haunted tent.  I will NOT sleep in it ever again.  Tent For Sale - Going Cheap - Make me an offer!  Any offer.

We started organising our adventure-packaged December 2010 Road Trip Tour including jacuzzi safari, sleeping in tree houses in the bush and bunjee jumping.

Our awesome Family Holiday to the sea-side was unforgettable.  I realised even though my mum and mad dad live far away I still miss my Mum everday!

I realised that I can't get away with saying that I'm 29 till I die...the wrinkles and droppy body parts are tell-tale signs that I'm fibbing.

I want to skip Winter 2010.  The cold months SUCK big time!

You can't put a price on Funny Evenings at Home.

I am saving for Botox.

Thoroughly enjoyed doing my bit for a few charities this year and will continue in 2010.

I got a black eye playing Ring-A-Rosie and then I fell down.

I learned that you need to verbalise your feelings and let things out into the big wide world.

Dance moves me.  It stirs many emotions within me.  Perhaps its why I'm addicted to SYTYCD.

I absolutely LIVE for Convesations with my Children.

I'm a Bloggoholic

There are plenty more than 15 things that woman can do that men can't.

To my Visitors and Fine Followers:

Happy Hogmanay and All the VERY BEST for 2010.


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